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TITLE : Anatomy Of Judgment

Abercrombie a british biologist did many kinds of research not just in psychology i consider this book on human perception and thinking processes important for anyone interested in what is called general semanticsthe anatomy of judgment was first published in 1990 minnesota archive editions uses digital technology to make long unavailable books once again accessible and are published unaltered from the original university of minnesota press editionsbook description the anatomy of judgment is a unique and valuable contribution to the literature of the social and humanistic contexts for science the anatomy of judgment philip j regal published by university of minnesota press regal j the anatomy of judgment minneapolis university of minnesota press 1990review the anatomy of judgement was first published in 1960 and summarises jane abercrombies research teaching students how to think scientifically and objectively based on the then recent branches of study in visual perception and group psychotherapy helping them to develop their observational skills in order be better able to obtain accurate information from specific situations

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